What Is GeoTrust and How Is It Connected to GeoCertsI

May 24, 2018 Scott Rogers Introduction-To

Many people associate GeoCerts very strongly with GeoTrust SSL certificates. That is not simply because of the similarity of the two names. In this post we'll briefly overview the relationship between GeoCerts and GeoTrust and clarify how the two entities fit together.

GeoTrust was founded as an independent Certification Authority (CA) back in 2001 after taking over the Equifax trusted roots.  GeoTrust was responsible for several innovations in the SSL space, including the creation of Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates and building a strong community of resellers to directly help customers with their certificate needs.

GeoTrust was acquired by VeriSign in 2006. Symantec acquired Verisign's digital certificate business in 2010, and in November 2017 it sold that same business to DigiCert. Through all these changes the GeoTrust certificate business remained intact, with its same lineup of DV and Organization Validation (OV) offerings, along with expansion into new areas like Extended Validation (EV) and multi-domain certificates.

Founded in 2003, GeoCerts was an early reseller of GeoTrust certificates. From our inception, GeoCerts was created with the goal of taking the confusion and hassle out of choosing, obtaining, and provisioning SSL and code signing certificates. GeoCerts has been exclusively focused on helping customers with their certificate needs, having secured more than 2.7 million web pages during our tenure in the security market.

As the SSL market has evolved, we have added other brands to our lineup, including SSL and code signing certificates from Symantec, Thawte, and most recently Comodo.  We have stayed focused on providing the best digital certificate solutions at wholesale prices combined with our gold-star service.