Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL/TLS Certificates

Multi-domain SSL certificates take advantage of Subject Alternate Name (or SAN) fields so that you can use the same certificate across multiple sites even if they have different domain names.

Multi-Domain SAN SSL

Secure multiple domain names with a single SAN/UCC SSL certificate

Extended Validation Multi-Domain SAN SSL

Secure multiple domain names with EV. The ultimate in trust!

Secure from 1 to 100 Domains on ONE SSL Certificate

Finally, there's a better way to secure your Client Access Servers with just one industrial-strength SSL certificate! Our high-performance Multi-domain SSL Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is now available. Multi-domain SSL is a special kind of SSL certificate that secures your main external domain and up to 99 additional DNS names, known as Subject Alternative Names, or SANs.

Say you need to secure OWA, ActiveSync, SMTP, and Outlook Anywhere. Now you can purchase an all-in-one SSL certificate to secure up to 100 services such as …

  • (learn more about IPs)
  • server.local

Fully compliant to the X.509 standard, multi-domain certificates can offer the strongest possible key sizes and encryption strength available for SSL. Multi-domain SSL certificates are available at Extended Validation (EV), Domain Validated (DV), and Organization Validated (OV) authentication levels.

When to Use a Multi-domain Certificate

Choose Multi-domain SAN certificates for instances when you want to secure sites across more than one domain name while minimizing the time, effort, and expense required to obtain, manage, and renew your SSL certificates. Certain environments such as Microsoft Exchange may require SAN certificates.