Welcome to the New GeoCerts.com Site

Apr 9, 2018 Scott Rogers Alerts & Notices

If you're reading this blog post it means you have seen our newly updated GeoCerts.com site.  It's our biggest site overhaul in more than a decade, and we designed the site in direct response to feedback from our excellent community of customers, resellers, and site visitors.  Some of the main themes you'll see in the new site include:

  • More intuitive navigation.  The new GeoCerts site makes it easier than ever to get around and find the products you’re looking for.  Our ShopSSL page categorizes and sorts products according to the criteria you need to select them.  And don’t forget to check out our SSL Selection Wizard.
  • Broader product offerings.  We have a broader set of certificates available to you than ever before.  Joining our lineup of award-winning certificate products from GeoTrust, Symantec, and Thawte, we have added a full range of certificates from the popular Comodo CA.
  • Purchase today, issue when you choose.  Our new management console allows you to purchase certificates for your account without having to provide a CSR and issue the certificate in that same transaction.  That means you can purchase the certificates you know you will need when it’s convenient for you, and then enroll and issue them at a later time to suit your needs. Your certificates aren’t issued until you enroll them, so don’t lose any time on your validity period by waiting.
  • Bulk account for purchasing.  A feature previously available only to our resellers, you can now choose to fund a bulk purchase account which can be used in the future for certificate purchase.
  • Expanded SSL tools.  In addition to our very popular SSL Installation Checker, we have added three more SSL tools to help you.  Paste any X.509 certificate into our Certificate Parser, and it will tell you the content of that certificate in easy, readable form.  Our CSR Parser does the same thing for any CSR.  And finally, our new Certificate Key Matcher allows you to easily confirm that a given CSR and certificate belong to each other.

We encourage you to look around, try out the features, and send us your feedback about what works for you and what you'd like to see changed.