DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager

Automate your entire certificate issuance and installation process.

Trust Lifecycle Manager dashboard

What is Trust Lifecycle Manager?

DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager offers a digital trust solution for CA-agnostic certificate management and PKI services. It centralizes control, reducing the risk of business disruption from certificate issues. Through automation and customizable workflows, it streamlines operations and increases agility for quick adaptation to cybersecurity standards changes.

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DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager

Certificate Management

  • Discovery
  • Automation
  • Management & Notification
  • Integration With Multiple CAs

PKI Services

  • Fast CA & ICA Creation
  • Customizable Certificate Profiles
  • Flexible Enrollment & Authentication
  • Integration with IAM Technologies

Certificate Lifecycle Management & PKI Rolled into One Platform

  • Centralized certificate lifecycle management. Issue and manage public and private PKI certificates, regardless of the certificate authority.
  • End-to-end automation. Cut costs and reduce security gaps by automating the entire certificate lifecycle—including provisioning (for servers, users, smart cards, devices, tokens, and more), renewals, installation, validation, as well as expiration and escalation alerts.
  • Fully managed private CA. Spin up and manage private certificate authorities that are customized to meet your needs. Pre-built certificate profiles for users, devices, organizations, and servers, as well as additional tools, facilitate quick self-issuance.
  • CA-agnostic management. Manage all of your certificates together, thanks to CA-agnostic certificate management that eliminates PKI silos and outages, ensuring uninterrupted service for business-critical software and systems.
  • Pre-built integrations. Integrate with the systems you already use with ready-made integrations for popular systems, including Microsoft CA and other CAs, certificate protocols (e.g., EST, SCEP, and ACME), servers and user devices, as well as Active Directory, IAM technologies, and UEM/MDM.

Trust Lifecycle Manager Key Features

  • Get Complete Visibility Across Your Organization

    DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager empowers you with complete control and visibility across every certificate in your digital landscape. Centralized visibility simplifies discovery and monitoring, ensuring that no certificate expiration dates, vulnerabilities, or other certificate-related issues are missed.

    • The single dashboard makes it easy to identify and renew certificates before they expire. It also alerts you to misconfigurations, rogue certificates, and out-of-date encryption algorithms.
    • Cloud, network, and file scanning options make it easy to scan all of your networks and devices to create a centralized repository for both public and private certificates.
    • Multiple scanning methods help you keep track of the health and status of certificates across your organization, improving cryptographic agility.
  • Reduce Risks through Automation

    While manual old-school certificate management raises the risks of human error, DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager simplifies certificate management by automating the entire certificate lifecycle. Automation reduces the risk of errors, cuts overhead, and improves agility, enabling quick adaptation to industry security changes and rapid remediation.

    • One-click or fully automated certificate provisioning, installation, and renewal.
    • Reduce room for error and save time by automating the entire certificate issuance and installation process.
    • Avoid expired certificates by automating certificate renewal and installation. Detailed tracking, audit logs, and automated reporting make it easier to find and remediate issues.
  • Private CA without the Hassle

    Managing a private CA can quickly become a burden on your organization’s IT department. From specialized hardware to system integrations, the time and costs required to establish and maintain a private CA from scratch can quickly add up. With DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager, you get all the benefits of a private CA without the frustration and challenges of doing it all yourself.

    • Eliminate the extensive labor associated with private CA setup, including tasks such as performing key ceremonies, configuring offline key storage, and setting up HSMs.
    • Pre-configured settings and intuitive workflows simplify initial setup and ongoing management.
    • Seamless integrations enable rapid deployment and ensure you can continue using the software and systems you’re used to, including DevOps tools, IoT devices, document signing services, web servers, and more.
    • Easily meet compliance and regulatory standards by letting DigiCert handle private key storage, hosting, security, and annual auditing.
    • Get round-the-clock support for your private CA, ensuring you have the support you need when you need it.

77% of companies reported at least two significant certificate-related outages within the past 24 months.

Prevent Business Disruption

Minimize business interruptions caused by certificate expiration, vulnerabilities, or unauthorized activities through the use of comprehensive visual dashboards that track necessary actions. Detect and address non-compliant certificates and algorithms, and establish automated notification and escalation alert systems by defining modes and methods.

  • Reduce risk: Mitigate the use of expired or improperly configured certificates, detect and refresh outdated algorithms, and thwart unauthorized or rogue activities.
  • Streamline operations: Reduce IT workload and mitigate human errors while enhancing both productivity and security.
  • Increase agility: Minimize the time required for remediation and swiftly respond to threats, vulnerabilities, and shifts in standards or algorithms.

Trust Lifecycle Manager User Cases

One pane-of-glass for comprehensive certificate and PKI oversight and management.

  • SSL/TLS interception and inspection
  • Certificate discovery
  • Secure email
  • User authentication
  • Endpoint identity and authentication (UEM/MDM)
  • Server authentication
  • Intermediate Certificate Authorities (ICAs)
  • On-premises deployments for full data protection and privacy control
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Wi-Fi device authentication
  • Smartcard authentication and login
  • Passwordless authentication
  • VPN secure remote access

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