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Verified Mark Certificates
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What is a Verified Mark Certificate?

A Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is an groundbreaking new certificate that aims to create an authenticated and visually-compelling visual email experience. A VMC allows an organization to display their officially-trademarked logo in the mobile view of major email providers like Google Gmail. VMCs let your brand stand out from the ordinary inbox clutter and lets your customers know they are dealing with an authenticated brand.

How VMCs Work

Logo-verified email is the collaboration between major email client providers like Google Gmail, Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), and select Certificate Authorities like DigiCert to foster uniform, trusted and visually verifiable email experiences for both businesses and consumers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Similar to an SSL/TLS certificate, a Verified Mark Certificate, or VMC, is required to display your registered logo on verified emails. VMCs - powered by DigiCert - are now available for purchase from GeoCerts.

  2. To display your registered logo in email clients your organization must have DMARC set up and ready to go. DMARC, which stands for "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance", is a policy framework that helps reduce fraudulent and harmful emails protecting brands and users from costly abuse.

  3. When your organization's email is DMARC compliant you can upload your officially registered mark and start displaying your brand logo to your customer's inbox.

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What is a Verified Mark Certificate? Why Does it Matter?

Learn how Logo-verified email with VMC helps you improve user trust, increase brand visibility, sweeten customer experience, and boost your user engagement.

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The entire organization benefits from logo-verified email.
Finally, IT and Marketing can agree on a priority.

VMC Benefits for Marketers

  1. Rather than placeholder initials, customers will see your verified logo - even before they open your email.
  2. Your organization delivers a more authentic and recognizable unified experience.
  3. VMCs and your logo Instantly associate trust and authenticity with your brand's email messaging.
  4. Stand out from the generic email clutter and let customers know you’ve made their security a top priority.
  5. Increase visibility, recall, and engagement— A recent Verizon media study showed a 10+% increase in engagement rates.


DMARC Benefits for IT Pros

  1. Demonstrate best practices email security through DMARC enforcement.
  2. Make it tougher for hooligans and fraudsters to target your customers with identity-focused spoofing and phishing attacks.
  3. Get better visibility and management over the emails sent and received by your domain.
  4. Detect and identify the types and frequency of attacks targeting your organization's domain.
  5. DMARC with VMC ensures legitimate emails are delivered with confidence, without anything falling through the cracks.



How Will Your SVG Logo Display?

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How To Get Ready for VMC

  • 1. Get DMARC compliant now

    Your organization must be DMARC compliant before a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) can be issued. Find out if your email sending domain is already using DMARC with Valimail's domain checking tool . DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) takes time and planning. Get started now with our helpful step-by-step DMARC guide .

  • 2. Get your logo officially registered as a trademark

    Your brand's logo must be registered with the appropriate government trademark office in your region before you can get a VMC. Getting an official trademark for your organization can be a lengthy process, so you should get started as soon as possible. Learn more about trademarking your logo.


VMC includes 1 email domain


Each additional email domain