EV SSL Trust Indicators in Popular Browsers

Apr 5, 2018 Tim Callan Browsers

When we talk about Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, we often discuss the "green bar" that appears in popular browsers.  But how many of us can really envision the green bar and the difference in user experience between it and an OV or DV SSL certificate?  Fortunately your GeoCerts team is here, and we have done that research for you.

First of all, know that there are some common factors across all the browsers we investigated.  All of them include a green trust indicator for EV certificates up next to the domain name, and all of them include an increase in the size of the green trust indicator when EV is present versus when it is not.  All browsers also display the company name in the address bar when EV is in use and do not when it is not.  These are experiences you can rely on for all site visitors regardless of the desktop browser in use.

IE Logo Internet Explorer

Now to specifics.  Let's kick off with the browser where it all started:  Internet Explorer.  IE turns the entire URL space green and displays the name of the company and the CA in alternating text.

IE green bar

IE EV green bar - CA view

IE also reveals more information about the company's identity and the CA when the user mouses over and clicks on the bar.

IE EV mouseover

IE EV click

This implementation contains the green trust signal, the name and details of the certificate holder, and the name of the CA.  The CA name gives the site the additional opportunity to benefit from the added trust granted to a brand trust leader (such as Symantec) as opposed to a no-name SSL provider.

MS Edge Logo Microsoft Edge

Edge is Microsoft's follow-on to Internet Explorer.  Edge displays the company name in the address bar and adds company details and the CA name upon mouse-over or click.

Edge EV

Edge EV mouseover

Edge EV click

Google Chrome Logo Google Chrome

Chrome has a simpler implementation, displaying just company name in green adjacent to the URL.

Chrome EV

Firefox Logo Firefox

Firefox displays the company name in the address bar and adds company details and the registering CA in a drop down upon clicking.

Firefox EV

Firefox EV click

Safari Logo Safari

Safari EV

Safari displays the company name in the address bar.