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Certificate Midterm Upgrades

Now you can trade in your old certificate for an upgrade. Upgrades are available for select certificates during the life of the certificate (certificates are not upgradeable during the initial cancellation and refund period or when a certificate is within 90-day of expiration).

Upgrade Chart

Your Current Certificate Upgradable To
QuickSSL Basic True BusinessID Multidomain
True BusinessID w/EV
QuickSSL Premium True BusinessID Multidomain
True BusinessID w/EV
True BusinessID Multidomain True BusinessID w/EV

How Does It Work?

We'll calculate the remaining time left on your old cert and discount the price of your new cert. For example, if you bought a one-year cert for $100 six months ago then you'd have a $50 credit towards your new cert.

What You Should Know

The Common Name (CN) in your old certificate, that is the fully-qualified-domain-name (FQDN), must be exactly the same in the certificate you want to upgrade to. For example, if the CN on your current cert is exchange.mydomain.com, then your application for an upgrade must also be for exchange.mydomain.com.

The certificate you're upgrading to may require you to submit proof-of-organization documents to GeoTrust's vetting staff before you new certificate can be approved and issued. Before submiting an upgrade request to a more advanced certificate make sure you understand what's required of your business or organization to complete an upgrade order. Upgrading any certificate to an Extended Validation (EV) cert requires advanced planning on your part to meet the EV requirements.

How Do I Get Started?

Just login to your GeoCerts SSL Manager account. Then click the order ID number of the cert you want to upgrade.

Click the order id

On the certificate detail page you'll see your upgrade options for the selected certificate. Just click the appropriate upgrade link to get started.

Click to upgrade
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