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True BizID Multidomain 5

GeoTrust Multi-domain SSL (5 domain pack) $329.00

Secure up to 100 domain names with one super-flexible Unified Communications SAN Certificate.



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GeoTrust's regular retail price $359.00
Our wholesale price to you $329.00
You save $30.00. That's 8% off GeoTrust's retail price!
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Secure from 5 to 100 Domains on ONE SSL Certificate

Finally, there's a better way to secure your Client Access Servers with just one industrial-strength SSL certificate! Our new high-performance True BusinessID Multi-domain SSL Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is now available. True BusinessID Multi-domain SSL UCC is a special kind of SSL certificate that secures your main external domain and up to 99 additional DNS names, known as Subject Alternative Names, or SANs.

Say you need to secure OWA, ActiveSync, SMTP, and Outlook Anywhere. Now you can purchase an all-in-one SSL certificate to secure up to 100 services such as …

  1. mail.mydomain.com
  2. smtp.mydomain.net
  3. autodiscover.mydomain.com
  4. any.thing.mydomain.com
  5. www.other-domain.com
  6. www.any-domain-you-own.com
  7. msexchange1*
  8. server.local*

Recommended for Exchange Server

The True BusinessID Multi-domain SSL Unified Communications Certificate SAN is ideal for Microsoft Exchange Server. Now you can secure up to 100 domains for your Client Access Servers the easy way with one simple solution. Services such as OWA, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere, Autodiscover, POP3, IMAP4, and Unified Messaging are secured with ease from a single SSL source.

More and more IT pros are discovering the convenience and flexibility of the True BusinessID Multi-domain SSL certificate for Microsoft Exchange. No fussing and struggling with multiple certs. No more hassles with multiple IP addresses and configurations for each access server. True BusinessID Multi-domain enables clients to connect over SSL successfully without trust warnings.

Special CSR generation instructions for Exchange Server 2007 can be found here.

Convenient, Flexible, and Affordable

Available in domain packs from 5 to 100, the new GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-domain Unified Communications Certificate is a smart investment that cuts costs and saves time. It's conveniently offered from 1 to 4 years at an affordable price. You're free to add additional SAN DNS names at any time during the life-cycle of the certificate (only the SAN DNS names may be edited, the certificate's original, main, fully-qualified-domain-name cannot be changed). Don't get stuck with an inferior, off-brand cert that lacks trust in all browsers. Go with the experts.

  Multi-domain SSL Pricing Matrix
Domain Pack 1 YR 2 YRS 3 YRS 4 YRS
True BusinessID Multi-domain 5 $329.00 $576.00 $823.00 $1,069.00
True BusinessID Multi-domain 10 $454.00 $795.00 $1,135.00 $1,476.00
True BusinessID Multi-domain 15 $579.00 $1,013.00 $1,448.00 $1,882.00
True BusinessID Multi-domain 20 $704.00 $1,232.00 $1,760.00 $2,288.00
True BusinessID Multi-domain 25 $829.00 $1,451.00 $2,073.00 $2,694.00

What's the risk?

You don't risk a cent! Try it out for 30 days and if it's not what you need you may cancel for a full and speedy refund with no hassles. Plus, all GeoTrust certs come with certificate-lifetime re-issues and replacements. It's no wonder we're the number one choice for GeoTrust SSL certificates at discount prices. Take a look at some of our customers.

Authentic GeoTrust Dynamic Site Seal Included [1]

Every new GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL is outfitted with a real-time GeoTrust Site Seal. Boost customer confidence and increase sales by displaying the GeoTrust Site Seal.

The Site Seal to the left is a real, working True BusinessID Site Seal issued to GeoCerts Inc. Your Site Seal will have your company’s name embedded with a live time and date stamp.

The Site Seal is clickable by your customers. When clicked, a new window opens showing the authenticity of your SSL certificate along with the name and location of your business or organization. Customer-assurance and confidence builds stronger online follow-through and sales.

1. The GeoTrust dynamic site seal applies only to the main fully-qualified domain in the certificate's Common Name (CN) field. The seal will not display for SAN dns names.

* The use of internal server names and reserved, private IP addresses are being phased out in both the Common Name and Subject Alternative Name fields (SANs). These changes are dictated by the Certifcation Authority/Browser (CAB) Forum's new base-line requirements for ALL SSL Certification Authorities (CAs). As dictated by the dates in the requirement, if a certificate request expires prior to November 1, 2015, we will pass back a warning saying support for certificates with internal server names or reserved IP addresses is being phased out, but we will accept and process the order. If the certificate expires after November 1, 2015, we will hard block the request and pass back an error..

True BuinessID Multidomain 1 Yr
Domain Pack Your Price You Save
5 Domains $359 $329 $30
10 Domains $504 $454 $50
15 Domains $649 $579 $70
20 Domains $794 $704 $90
25 Domains $939 $829 $110

Mix it up any way you want!

You're totally free to pick and choose the services you want to secure.

  • FQDNs
  • Different second level domains
  • Different top level domains
  • Server names*
  • Intranet and .local names*
  • Private IP addresses*
No other SSL certificate offers this much flexibility.

Multidomain FAQ

Q: How quick can I get it?

A: True BusinessID Multidomain takes about 1-2 days to complete.

Q: Do all of the domains have to share a common second-level domain?

A: No, with True BusinessID Multidomain you can secure something like www.books.com and www.shoes.net.

Q: Are there any domains I can't add to the certificate?

A: You can only add domains that are registered to you or your organization as listed in a WHOIS lookup from your domain's registrar.

Q: What if I only need to secure something like five domains?

A: You can secure the five now and add addtional domains anytime during the life-cycle of the certificate.

Q: Can I make changes to the SAN DNS names later?

A: Yes, you can add, edit, and delete any of your SAN domains when you signup or at any time during the life-cycle of the certificate. The main Common Name (CN) field in your Multidomain certificate cannot change.

Q: Do I have to pick all my SAN domains at signup time?

A: No, you can add your SAN domains at any time during the life-cycle of the certificate, however it is recommended that try to supply as many of your SAN domains at signup to avoid re-issue delays later.

Q: Will I have to submit any documentation?

A: The True BusinessID Multidomain cert is a fully-vetted SSL certificate at the organizational level. GeoTrust will verify your organization's status with your local and/or state government. In most cases GeoTrust's vetting staff can verify through online government databases and you won't need to submit any information unless that information is unavailable to the public.

Q: On how many physical servers can I install this certificate?

A: As many as you want. All GeoTrust certs come with unlimited server licensing.

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