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QuickSSL Premium

GeoTrust QuickSSL® Premium $129.00

Our most popular SSL cert is now on sale. A 256-bit 100% GeoTrust SSL certificate and dynamic GeoTrust site seal delivered in about 10 minutes*

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GeoTrust's regular retail price $149.00
Our wholesale price to you $129.00
You save $20.00. That's 13% off GeoTrust's retail price!
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QuickSSL Premium Features

  • Works for both the www and non-www version of your domain*
  • Supports up to four Subject Alternative Names (SANs)
  • Enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Fully automated 10 minute provisioning process*
  • Domain control authentication
  • Compatible with 99% of all browsers in use today
  • Compatible with popular mobile devices
  • Toll Free Phone Support
  • SSL Manager Login Access
  • Free SSL certificate-lifetime replacements & reissues
  • $100,000.00 GeoSure Warranty
  • Unlimted server licensing
  • 30-day cancellation/refund period

What makes it Premium?

QuickSSL Premium supports a main domain and up to four additional Subject Alternative Names (SANs). SANs allow you to secure additional DNS names under a single SSL cert. For example, with QuickSSL Premium you can secure www.domain.com, mail.domain.com, shop.domain.com and plain old domain.com all in the same cert. It’s like getting five certificates in one. Be sure to read the FAQ on the right-hand side of this page for more info on SANs!

WWW vs No-WWW problem solved!

Unlike QuickSSL Basic, QuickSSL Premium will work for both the www and non-www version of your domain*. This super-charged SSL certificate eliminates the hassles of using redirects or multiple certificates for the www and non-www version of your site.

QuickSSL Premium Dynamic Site Seal [1]

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium is like QuickSSL, only better. QuickSSL Premium comes with a smart site seal for you to display on your site.

Site Seal SAMPLE ONLY (Sample Only)

This prominently displayed GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium smart seal guarantees online visitors they will receive the highest level of encryption possible.

1. The GeoTrust dynamic site seal applies only to the main fully-qualified domain in the certificate's Common Name (CN) field. The seal will not display for SAN dns names.

*In order for your SSL certificate to work for both www and non-www you must generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) with a leading www in the Common Name (CN) field such as www.mydomain.com.

QuickSSL Premium Price Matrix
QuickSSL Premium Your Price You Save Per Yr. Price
1 Year $149 $129 $20 $129
2 Year $261 $226 $35 $113

QuickSSL Premium FAQ

Q: How quick can I get it?

A: Usually in about 10-minutes.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the QuickSSL Premium SANs?

A: Yes. QuickSSL Premium supports up to four Subject Alterntive Names (SANs). Each SAN must be a subdomain of your main certificate's Common Name (CN). For example, if your certificate is for www.soda-pop.com then any SANs included in the issued certificate must be of the form 'subdomain.soda-pop.com'.

Q: I see that QuickSSL Premium only supports SANs that are subdomains but I need to add SANs that are a mix of different domains. Do you have an SSL product like that?

A: Yes. If you need more flexibility our GeoTrust Multidomain SSL supports up to 25 domains that can be a mix of domains, private IPs, and machine names.

Q: Do I have to pick all my SAN domains at signup time?

A: Yes. All the SANs for QuickSSL Premium must be submitted at signup and connot be changed once the certificate is issued .

Q: Can I make changes to the SAN DNS names later?

A: No. The SANS for QuickSSL Premium cannot be changed once the certificate has been issued. If you make a mistake with your SANs you can cancel within 30-days for a full refund and then place a new order with the revised SANs. If you need more flexibility our GeoTrust Multidomain SSL supports SAN changes during the life of the certificate.

Q: Do I have to add my SANs to my CSR request?

A: No. Your SANs do not have to be included in your CSR. During the order signup process we'll ask you to type in the SANs you want addded to your QuickSSL Premium product when issued.

Q: On how many physical servers can I install this certificate?

A: As many as you want. All GeoTrust certs come with unlimited server licensing.

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