GeoTrust Site Seal Icons

GeoTrust's site seals are an effective way to make sure your customers know your site has the stamp of approval from a leading global Certificate Authority for secure e-business transactions. GeoTrust's patented smart seal technology provides fast, reliable and user-friendly web site identity authentication, and instant proof to your customers that your site can be trusted.

How Dynamic Site Seals Work

GeoTrust site seals are dynamically-generated when a user accesses your site. Every time your page is displayed in a browser an embedded piece of JavaScript code makes a connection to the GeoTrust registry server. The registry server checks the referring URL, verifies a valid GeoTrust enrollment, and sends back the dynamic site seal graphic as a response. The graphic includes a live time-date stamp and, for True BusinessID certificates, your company name is embedded in the seal. Users can click on a site seal to display additional verification information.

How to Get Your Site Seal Code

To obtain your dynamic site seal javascript code please go to

Remember, the web page on which you place this seal must use exactly the same domain that is in your SSL enrollment application. For example, if your SSL certificate is issued to the site seal will only show on pages for and not on pages for, say,