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Generate CSR Netscape Enterprise 3.51

Follow these instructions to generate a Private Key and CSR.

Creating a Key Pair

  1. Open a DOS window. At the command line, type: cd \bin\admin\admin\bin
  2. Type sec-key at the command prompt. A Netscape key-pair file generation window appears.
  3. When prompted, type an alias for the new key-pair file. You might choose an alias that matches your server (for example, web or mail). The alias cannot contain spaces, but it can use symbols that your operating system allows in filenames (such as hyphens and underscores). By default, the key-pair file is stored in the directory C:/<server_root>/alias/<alias>-key.db where <alias> is the alias you entered. If you used the alias mail, your key-pair file would be C:/<server_root>/alias/mail-key.db.
  4. Type OK. A screen with a progress meter appears. Move your mouse in random motions at random speeds. These random movements are used to generate a random number for the unique key-pair file.
  5. Enter a password.
  6. Return to the Keys and Certificates menu in the Netscape Suitespot Server administration page.

Creating a Certificate Signing Request

  1. Start the Netscape administration page and login as administrator.
  2. Click on Keys and Certificates on the administration main menu.
  3. Select Request a Certificate on the navigation window.
  4. Click on New Certificate in the Request a Server Certificate window.
  5. Select CA URL (enter anything in the box, such as
  6. Select the alias and password that you generated in the key-pair file.
  7. You will be asked for several pieces of info which will be used by GeoTrust to create your new SSL certificate. These fields include the Common Name (aka domain, FQDN), organization, country, key bit length, etc. Use the CSR Legend in the right-hand column of this page to guide you when asked for this information. The following characters should not be used when typing in your CSR input: < > ~ ! @ # $ % ^ / \ ( ) ? , &
  8. Click OK when finished.
  9. Save a copy of your CSR. The CSR will be needed during the online order process. You'll be asked to copy-and-paste your CSR into a special CSR box.

    Below is an example of what your CSR will look like. This is a example only and cannot be used to generate your SSL certificate.

Please contact our support team if you have any additional problems or questions.

Mar 9, 2018