Domain Control Validation by DNS TXT Method

Generic instructions to add verification TXT token string DNS TXT record.  You may need to check with your DNS provider for any specific instructions they may have.

Set DCV to DNS TXT method and copy the token value

  1. Locate the pending order in your account. Click on a domain in the 'You Need To..." section.

  2. In the DCV Method dropdown choose DNS TXT Token. Copy the Token string. Note: The unique token expires after thirty days. 

Add a DNS TXT record to your domain

The instructions below are generic and your DNS management system will be different, but the concepts are the same.

  1. Log in to your DNS provider and create a new TXT record.
  2. n the Host field leave the host field blank, or use the @ symbol to indicate that you want to create a TXT record at the base domain level (e.g., not
  3. In the TXT Value (or Address) field paste the TXT token string you copied earlier.
  4. In the TTL field enter the shortest time-to-live that your DNS provider will allow. Some DNS providers will allow a TTL of 5-minutes (300 seconds) and some will not allow you to set the TTL at all (not a problem).
  5. Save the TXT record.
Sample DNS Record
Sample DNS Management Interface

Tip: If you are not able to add the verification code to your base domain's DNS record because it already has a TXT record you can create a new TXT record and enter _dnsauth (include the leading underscore) as the host value rather than leaving it blank.


Checking your live DNS record for propagation

Now that you have added a new TXT record it's time to do a live DNS lookup to verify it's correct and propagated.
When you check your live DNS record you should see the TXT verification token below the ANSWER section of the DNS TXT response. If you don't see the token value in BOLD below the Answer section it hasn't yet propagated globally. You may need to wait until your TTL is up.
Sample Google DNS TXT lookup
Sample Google DNS TXT lookup

 Tip: Use can also use What's My DNS to verify that your new TXT record has propagated globally. Depending on the TTL value it may take some time to show up.

After you confirm your DNS TXT record is live

Go back to the pending order in your account. Click on a domain in the 'You Need To..." section. Now that your DNS TXT is live it's time to ask us to check it. Click on the Check button. 

If the DNS TXT matches all domains that have the same base domain on the order will be approved. You will need to repeat this process for all the base domains on the order.


Please contact our support team if you have any additional problems or questions.