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Wildcard SSL

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $446.00

Secure unlimited sub domains on an unlimited number of servers with one Wildcard SSL certificate from GeoTrust.

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GeoTrust's regular retail price $499.00
Our wholesale price to you $446.00
You save $53.00. That's 11% off GeoTrust's retail price!
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One heavyweight Wildcard Certificate Secures Unlimited Sub Domains

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard is engineered to secure unlimited sub domains. Wildcard SSL takes the work out of managing single SSL certificates. You’re totally free to add additional sub domains at any time during the life-cycle of the certificate.

Fast and Easy to Use. Here’s How it Works.

Purchase one high-powered Wildcard SSL certificate and easily use it for all your sub domains that share the same base domain. For example, a Wildcard for *.color.com will work for

  • blue.color.com
  • red.color.com
  • green.color.com
  • yellow.color.com
  • chartreuse.color.com
  • paint.color.com
  • color.com
but not purple.rainbow.com (because rainbow.com is not the same as color.com). Wildcard SSL makes it easier than ever to secure multiple sub domains using a single IP address.

Anatomy of a Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Anatomy

Every Wildcard begins with an asterisk * or "star". The star represents the wildcard part of the SSL certificate. The star can be any sub domain that shares the same base domain. All fully-qualified-domains using a Wildcard must share the same base domain. Every virtual site that you want to use the Wildcard on must be of the form something.base_domain.com (or just plain base_domain.com).

Authentic GeoTrust Dynamic Site Seal Included

Every new GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL is outfitted with a real-time GeoTrust Site Seal. Boost customer confidence and increase sales by displaying the GeoTrust Site Seal.

The Site Seal to the left is a real, working True BusinessID Site Seal issued to GeoCerts Inc. Your Site Seal will have your company’s name embedded with a live time and date stamp.

The Site Seal is clickable by your customers. When clicked, a new window opens showing the authenticity of your SSL certificate along with the name and location of your business or organization. Customer-assurance and confidence builds stronger online follow-through and sales.

Wildcard SSL Price Matrix
Wildcard SSL Your Price You Save Per Yr. Price
1 Year $499 $446 $53 $446
2 Year $873 $781 $92 $390
3 Year $1248 $1115 $133 $371

A Smart, Risk-Free Investment

Purchase a new Wildcard SSL and put it to the test for seven days. If it’s not what you need just cancel for a full refund. It’s a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits.

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Wildcard SSL FAQ

Q: How quick can I get it?

A: True BusinessID Wildcard SSL takes about 1-2 days to complete.

Q: Will I have to submit any documentation?

A: Yes, True BusinessID Wildcard is a fully-vetted SSL certificate at the organizational level. You will need to have one of the approved documents listed on this page.

Q: Can I use one IP address with all the sub domain names?

A: Yes, because the same certificate will be used to secure all the sub domains associated with a domain name you can share one IP with all the subs. You can configure name-based virtual hosts instead of IP-based virtual hosts.

Q: Do all of the domains using the Wildcard have to have the same base domain?

A: Yes, a Wildcard certificate issued to, say, *.example.com will only work for anything.example.com.

Q: Can you recommend an SSL certificate that doesn't require all sites to have the same base domain?

A: Yes, the True BusinessID Multi-domain will allow you to secure up to 100 mixed domains.

Q: Will a Wildcard work for just the base domain?

A: Yes! GeoTrust will add a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) to the wildcard for the base/root domain. For example, a Wildcard issued to *.example.com will also work for just example.com.

Q: When I generate the CSR for a Wildcard, what do I enter for the domain?

A: The Common Name (domain) in the CSR should be *.yourdomain.com. The * is literal and must be included in the CSR request.

Q: On how many physical servers can I install this certificate?

A: As many as you want. All GeoTrust certs come with unlimited server licensing.

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