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True BizID Extended Validation (EV)

GeoTrust Extended Validation (EV) $299.00 $199.00

Get into the green for just $199.00 with the new Extended Validation SSL certificate from GeoTrust.



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GeoTrust's regular retail price $299.00
Our wholesale price to you $199.00
You save $100.00. That's 33% off GeoTrust's retail price!
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GeoTrust Extended Validation (EV) Features

  • Turns the address bar GREEN
  • Toll Free Phone Support
  • EV Upgrader™ included
  • Your company's name embedded in True Site seal
  • SSL Manager™ Login Access
  • Compatible with 99% of all browsers in use today
  • Compatible with popular mobile devices
  • Free SSL certificate-lifetime replacements & reissues
  • $150,000.00 Warranty
  • Unlimted server licensing
  • 30-day cancellation/refund period

What is an EV SSL Certificate?

Extended Validation or "EV" is the new standard developed and agreed upon by the major Certificate Authorities like GeoTrust® and Symantec (formerly VeriSign®) and the major browser vendors to authenticate and issue next-generation SSL certificates.

EV SSL certificates help protect your site from phishing scams and assure your customers that they are dealing with a business or organization that has been thoroughly checked out using the New EV standard.

So What’s the Big Deal?

The green bar is part of the big deal (take a look now at your browser's address bar to see it live). EV certificates create an improved visual experience for the user by turning the address bar green for sites that have obtained an EV SSL certificate when using a high-security browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Included in the green bar are the legal name of your company and the GeoTrust name.

Extended Validation SSL

The green address bar is an instant visual queue to your customers that your site is a trusted site and has met rigorous EV authentication standards. Higher trust means more business for you.

GeoTrust EV SSL is Ideal for...

  • E-commerce sites
  • Banking an other financial sites
  • Well known, high-risk customer-facing sites
  • Any site looking to protect its brand
  • Any site that is likely to be the target of phishing scams
  • Any site that that wants a competitive advantage

An EV certificate requires extensive background checks by GeoTrust staff and requires advanced planning and cooperation on your part. Before you place an order for an EV certificate please review the EV validation requirements.

Authentic GeoTrust Dynamic Site Seal Included

Every new GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL is outfitted with a real-time GeoTrust Site Seal. Boost customer confidence and increase sales by displaying the GeoTrust Site Seal.

The Site Seal to the left is a real, working True BusinessID Site Seal issued to GeoCerts Inc. Your Site Seal will have your company’s name embedded with a live time and date stamp.

The Site Seal is clickable by your customers. When clicked, a new window opens showing the authenticity of your SSL certificate along with the name and location of your business or organization. Customer-assurance and confidence builds stronger online follow-through and sales.

True BizID Extended Validation (EV) Price Matrix
True BizID Extended Validation (EV) Your Price You Save Per Yr. Price
1 Year $299 $199 $100 $199
2 Year $523 $348 $175 $174

The Benefits of EV SSL

Increased consumer confidence in your site and your brand. That translates into more online customer follow-through and sales. You’ll have the competitive advantage over competitors not using EV SSL. See the Extended Validation white paper.

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Q: Who can get an EV SSL certificate?

A: Corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, partnerships, governments, and schools. Basically any entity that is legally registered with your local or state government.

Q: Can I apply for an EV certificate as an individual?

A: No, individuals, that are not registered as a sole proprietorship, cannot apply for EV.

Q: How quick can I get it?

A: True BusinessID EV can take 3-5 days to complete.

Q: Will I have to submit any documentation?

A: Yes, True BusinessID EV is a rigorously vetted SSL certificate that requires background checks at the organizational level. Please see the required documents and vetting process outlined here.

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