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Install SSL Certificate Zeus Web Server

Import and Install the SSL Server Certificate

  1. Your SSL server certificate will be sent to you by email. The email message includes the server certificate that you purchased in the body of the email message. It will be labled "Server Certificate (public key)". It is also downloadable from your SSL Manager account (recommended). Copy the certificate from the body of the email and paste it into a simple text editor, such as Vi or Notepad (do not use MS Word).

    Copy Certificate to Notepad
  2. Save the file to your server as public.pem.
  3. Select the Web icon from the Admin Server control panel.
  4. Select the Nut & Bolt icon for this server. Select SSL Configuration.
  5. Define the file paths for your SSL server certificate and your Private Key at the Edit Server panel. Click Update.
  6. Return to the Admin Server's Home Page which displays the status of your virtual web servers.
  7. Click on the red traffic light to make it green.
  8. Stop the server by issuing the command: /usr/local/zeus/stop-zeus
  9. Restart server by issuing the command: /usr/local/zeus/start-zeus

Verify Installation

New To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use our Certificate Installation Checker.

Test your SSL certificate by using a browser to connect to your server. Use the https protocol directive. For example, if your SSL was issued to secure.mysite.com, enter https://secure.mysite.com into your browser.

Your browser's padlock icon Browser padlock will be displayed in the locked position if your certificate is installed correctly and the server is properly configured for SSL.

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